OWF Podcast with Dave Faulkner

Hilarious Podcast with a good friend Dave Faulkner of Ultimate Fighter series 9 fame. World Champion, doorman, screen writer, soon to be author and all round gentleman. Dave pulls no punches (pun intended) talking candidly about everything from the Ultimate fighter to head kicking people with to much to say. Must watch enjoy.

Time Stamp

0.55 – Hardest Man in Malta

7.10 Wolfs Lair and sparring Bisping and Tom Blacklege

11.23 Big Nogs Big Nog and other Wolfs Lair Stories

18.12 Misquoted by the Liverpool Echo/Slapping McGregor

33.00 Violence and the Media 35.00 Ultimate Fighter Season 9

45.00 The UFC Dermatologist and his Milf Stripper Nurses

54.00 People who pray for fights

57.00 Gym Hopping

59.50 Head Kicking People who have something to say

1.04 Heartfelt quotes on Facebook

1.07 Mount Fuji

1.09.30 Screenwriting and Matt Lucas 1

.14.50 – Jimmy Wallhead hits harder than Paul Daley

1.16.00 Dana White is he a sociopath?

1.24.00 Working the Cavern Club home of the Beatles

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