I stole your hat aren’t I clever – No Jake your not! Mayweather what are you doing???

The saga continues that is the Paul brothers dominating headlines across combat sports. This time due to Jake Paul stealing Floyd Mayweathers hat in a third grade style move. This of course set in motion the hype train building altercation which saw Jake given a black eye and fat lip.

But all said and done, we have to ask. Where is Logan Paul? He is the guy fighting, and yet again out shone by his younger sibling who managed to squeeze every drop of exposure necessary to propel himself further, even at his brothers expense.

We all know my thoughts on the matter, really and truly the Paul brothers are providing daily plot twists, as to what zany wacky childish shit they pull. But does this have a place in Boxing and is Mayweather tarnishing a glowing career by entertaining this whole circus?

I have to ask myself with the Billy Joe Saunders fight with Canelo looming why is it that the press is filled with Jake Paul stories when he doesn’t even have a fight. Check the video out. See what you think?

Peace – Neill Smith

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